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Day One: Fear Crushing Video Action Plan

Eliminate Your Fear Of Creating Videos And Devise A Full Proof Video DMO!

Day Two: Five Part Video Creation Formula

How To Create Videos Using A Simple Framework Guaranteed To Bring In Leads!

Day Three: Magnetic Video Secrets

Crafting Irresistible Videos For Maximum Engagement Using Simple Proven Techniques


Experienced? Edit A Short Video: Create a one minute video and some some simple edits like I showed you today.

New To Creating Videos?: DON'T EDIT YET! Create a Facebook Test group (If you haven't created one yet). Then create two 1-2 minute videos and post them in there to create the habit of sharing them.

Day Four: Live Reach Mastery With Ray Higdon

How To Harness Live Video For Maximum Reach And Exposure!

Special Offer Starts at Minute 43:30

The YouTube Accelerator Workshop Begins March 18th at 9pm Eastern.

Everyone who joins The Fearless Influencer Academy Gets Access To The workshop

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